Chip Van Mols

Chip is a highly successful charter captain based in Kona and has played a huge role in the development of the TANTRUM Lures range as you see it today. His incredible knowledge of all things lure fishing and attention to detail is second to none. Chip has been a great mentor to me in both his lure making and lure fishing.

Home Port: Kona, Hawaii

Ride: Luna – 40ft Gamefisherman

Favorite TANTRUM Lure: Large AMN

Most memorable TANTRUM experience: I’ve caught blue, striped and black marlin on pretty much every lure in Nick’s line. Not to mention a shit pile of chuckers. Biggest and most memorable was probably a 750 on the first AMN I got from Nick. First day we ran it when I got it was was double half day trips and we caught a 450 on it on each trip. Pretty good test run on a new shape I’d say! I’ve caught some bigger models in the 600+ range on the lg. Bandit and xl Bandit too.  I’ve  caught blues on shitload of different lg plungers, probably 5-6 different AMN, 4 or 5 different xl plungers. 5 or 6 lg bullets and as many medium. Bunch of different kabooms, rocket fuel. All of them!