Lure Spreads

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” Michael Jordan had basketball in mind with this quote, however I believe that the same logic can be applied to lures and lure spreads. All our lures are special in their own right, but if you match them with a team of other lures that all complement one another, they can work in harmony to become a fish attracting and catching machine! We have spent the last 15 years working with some of the world’s best marlin fishermen to test and refine our lure range and with this knowledge, we are now proud to bring you our range of spreads that provide the perfect balance of size, action and color. Choose to have your spread pro-rigged by us for a genuine ready to fish option. Want the exact spread that has caught the most blue marlin in a day in Kona? We’ve got you! Want the spread that the Cookie used to catch a record eight blue marlin in a day off Port Stephens? It’s only a click away! Every TANTRUM spread has a story, put them behind your boat and you’ll soon be making big fish stories of your own!

Heavy Tackle Spreads

Our heavy tackle spreads are for the true giant blue and black marlin fisherman! Best suited to 130lb (60kg) and 80lb (37kg) tackle, these spreads have a phenomenal track record for both size and numbers. Clip them on, tune them in their positions and make sure the gaffs are ready because Big Julie will be paying you a visit soon!