Jason Holtz

Jason is a born and bred Kona captain with worldwide experience in all of the well known big marlin hotspots. He is one of a small handful of captains/crews that have weighed a grander Pacific blue marlin, Atlantic blue marlin and black marlin. I have been fortunate enough to crew for Jason in Kona for the last two seasons and I have learned a huge amount from his vast experience. His intimate knowledge of lure fishing for blue marlin has also been a great asset to me as both a lure maker and fisherman.

Home Port: Kona, Hawaii

Ride: Pursuit – 38ft Scarborough (54ft Scarborough coming soon)

Favorite TANTRUM Lure: XL KABOOM and Large BANDIT

Most memorable TANTRUM experience: 7/7 on blue marlin (most blues caught in Kona on lures in a day – read more about that amazing day here) with an 800# the next morning on the Large AMN. As a born and bred Kona fisherman, I’ve used the best hand made marlin lures ever made over my 25 year career, I won’t fish without Tantrums in my spread.