Rhys Younan-Wise

Rhys has built a great reputation as one of Australia’s top crewmen with many seasons on the Great Barrier Reef and other hot spots along the east coast of Australia. Rhys has been a great supporter of TANTRUM Lures over many years and has caught giant black and blue marlin on a range of our shapes, I’m sure there’s many more to come!

Home Port: Gold Coast, Australia

Ride: Askari – 55ft Assegai, The Outlaw – 52ft Viking

Favorite TANTRUM Lure: Medium Bullet

Most memorable TANTRUM experience: Most memorable fish would have to be a big blue around 850lb while fishing the port hacking 100 on board “THE OUTLAW” the fish was worth 50grand and after a 3 hour fight on 80lb we got leader for the 3rd time I managed to get the fish short and we got a decent gaff shot in the shoulder. The big fish did a 180 jumped off the corner ripped the gaff out and we broke leader. The fish landed up near the bow on the single jump. All we could do was wave good bye to 50grand as we all stood there in awe at the size of the fish. Tantrum medium bullet with the wings of death did the damage.