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TANTRUM Lures has collaborated with globally renown Japanese fishing hook manufacturer Fudo to set a new standard in heavy tackle trolling hooks. With Nick’s experience as well as invaluable input from legendary Kona captains like Chip Van Mols and Jason Holtz, we put our thoughts on paper and approached the team at Fudo to make our concept a reality. The shape is a classic, the perfect openness in gape that is aimed towards both inside-out roof of the mouth hookups and outside-in around the jaw hinge hookups. Our unique plough point is lethal – the razor sharp tip is sticky and the flattened back and sides of the point assist with grasp and drive the point in cleanly.  The slightly turned in point and point-to-shank length ratio results in a direction of pull that will drive the point home, with a perfectly sized barb to keep it in place! Featuring a needle eye, you’ll love the slim transition from cable to hook. These are truly a fisherman’s dream hook and a big marlin’s worst nightmare!

See below for length and gape measurements.

Hooks sold individually.

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