How’s this for a report?! From Myles Weston on Elempi: “Raised 19 Blue Marlin, 1 striped marlin
Bites 14
Hooked 12
Caught 7
Score 14, 12, 7
We raised 2 that wouldn’t eat at all.
2 that had a swing and a miss and swam away,
And 2 that we wound the lure away from to avoid a double hook up, with only 3 of us on board and fishing 130lb tackle.

Also, the first time I ran a Tantrum lure, it was your bullet, we caught a 170kg Blue Marlin.
The next time we ran only Tantrum lures, we had the best day blue marlin fishing I’ve ever had!” Thanks for the great report and kind words Myles!

Hot lures were the XL PLUNGER and XXL KABOOM!

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