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Octopus Skirt – Colour 2

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Colour 2 – light blue back with silver belly and pink lateral lines

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Manufactured from the highest quality marine-grade rubber, TANTRUM Lures® octopus skirts are the result of several years of research into what we consider to be one of the best products of its kind on the market. In the development of these skirts we focused on the following priority areas to bring you a superior quality product for both the novice lure fisherman and the professional:

  • Ease of use – developed with the lure maker/skirter in mind, we focused on producing a neck diameter that was snug yet easy to manipulate over a multitude of head shapes.
  • Fit – if there’s one thing that will ruin a lure’s look and action, its a bulging rubber skirt. We have designed our skirts to create a beautiful streamlined transition from lure head to skirt that will get the most out of your lure’s action.
  • Durability – we have achieved what we believe to be the ideal rubber thickness that fits your lure perfectly and does not impact its intended trolling action, while ensuring they outlast the feistiest of the pelagic game fish.
  • An ever-growing spectrum of bright, popular colours that endure out in the salty sunny environment that we all love.


7.75″ – fits our small range of lures
9.50″ – fits our medium range of lures
12.5″ – fits our large range of lures

Additional information

Skirt size

12.50 inch, 7.75 inch, 9.50 inch


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