The Pursuit Lucky 7 Spread is the very spread that the Pursuit used to catch the all time record for most blue marlin in a day in Kona history, on July 19th 2018. With Captain Jason Holtz at the helm, the team caught seven blue marlin from seven bites. This was an incredible week for the team with 18 blue marlin up to 800lb in six days fishing! This is a great, extremely well proven spread that will perform in all weather conditions!

  • Short Corner – XL BANDIT – Blackjack – 12/0 hook rig
  • Long Corner – XL PLUNGER – Kona Classic – 11/0 hook rig
  • Short Rigger – LARGE AMN – Pursuit – 10/0 hook rig
  • Long Rigger – LARGE BULLET – Kona General – 10/0 hook rig

Available rigged or un-rigged:

  • RIGGED – SAVE AUD$80 – rigged with our TANTRUM x Fudo Single Hook Rigs and 24′ leaders